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The world is now officially an absurd and burlesque Monty Python parody. Instead of going after those who evidently planned and orchestrated the 9/11 demolitions and atrocities, Zionist warmonger president Obama carries forth war criminal George W. Bush’s illegal and unprovoked wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, and is funding terrorist attacks inside Iran.

This war criminal is NOT welcome in Oslo, and he certainly doesn’t deserve a Peace Prize. As a warring nation in the criminal Afghan war, Norway also has no business handing out Peace Prizes. A charade and an absurd theatre is what this is, and I’m thoroughly sickened and ashamed of being a Norwegian today. My deepfelt apologies go out to the millions of Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani and Palestinian families who have lost their loved ones in Obama’s and his predecessor’s illegal wars.

Norway is now officially a Zionist nation of war. In no way is it a peaceful nation. This is a very sad day indeed for those in Norway still prevailing in our hopes and visions for a world without war and for a world of cooperation, able to face the immense challenges of this 21st century. As members of the Anti-Fascist resistance we have a long way to go, but we will and must walk this path and go all the way.

Here are my pictures from the notorious liar and criminal gangster president’s arrival at the government building in downtown Oslo this morning, with low-flying army helicopters circling constantly in the air. Feel free to use them as you wish, as long as you credit Torstein Viddal and include a link to this blog post.

Obama - fredsfyrste 2009

Tegningen er laget av Patrick Chappatte fra Geneve-avisen Le Temps. Overskriften er lånt fra Christopher Bollyn, forfatter av 9/11-koden, en 557-siders PDF-bok som du kan laste ned gratis her.

Christopher Bollyn
557 s.
Askehaug, Oslo 1. desember 2009

December this year will see the Eye of the Hurricane over Copenhagen, not Oslo.

While US President Barak Hussein Obama has said he will travel to Norway to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, neighboring Denmark will host the biggest and most important Climate Change Conference ever from December 7 to 18.

Obama has declared he will NOT go to Copenhagen to take part in these most important talks. Can you imagine that?!

As I’ve already pointed out very thoroughly, all the motivations given from the Nobel Committee for awarding Mr Obama the Peace Prize are 100% invalid. While we can argue and discuss whether his presidency thus far has been a peaceful one or not, it CANNOT BE ARGUED that it took place in 2008. And the Statutes for the Prize are very clear: The work that qualifies for the Peace Prize MUST be done by December 31, 2008. It says so in the very first paragraph – §1 – and its very first sentence. So there is absolutely no doubt that Alfred Nobel considered this crucial point to be an important one.

The good work had to be DONE, it was not to be a wishy-washy vision of something one MIGHT have done if one had the time and resources, somewhere in the future.

So dear Mr Obama, you do not deserve this prize. Not at all. Not because your presidency is not a peaceful one – that remains to be seen – but simply because it did not take place in 2008 or any past years that could qualify for such a golden prize.

And even though you may end up going to Oslo anyhow, not to upset those Norwegians who gave you this honor, you should at least make a day-trip down south to Copenhagen, to show the world that you actually care enough about the Climate Crises and Our Common Future on this planet to actually be present.

If only for a snappy photo op with leaders from the rest of the world.

This Blog takes part in the Blog Action Day 2009.

vi skal ende slaveri
skrote alle atomvåpen
og utrydde karbonutslipp
sa den amerikanske presidenten

men først en herlig flytur til nepal
og tur til everest med ti sherpaer
mens mine staute generaler
dropper bomber i iran


we shall end slavery
shed all nuclear bombs
exterminate carbon emissions
promised the american president

but first my lovely air trip to nepal
a trip to everest with ten sherpas
while my brave generals
drop bombs in iran