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WikiLeaks: CableGate Years Until Completion (YUC)

EDIT: The number of leaked cables has just gone up to 929. That means the full leak will be done in «just» 6 years.

If no-one stops WikiLeaks and modern-day Messiah Julian Assange, they will have released all the secret diplomatic cables somewhere in 2017. After starting out with a fresh dump of 219 cables on Day 1, giving the whole release process an estimated 3 years for the internet release of the alleged 215,287 cables, the pace went all downhill from there: After 3 days the ETA was 7 years, after 6 days 6 years, and then again after 8 days an ETA of 7 years.

Allegedly having the combined powers of the Western world and intelligence apparatus in his heals, I put it to Mr Assange that he should release all his cables immediately, or just be honest and call the bluff. By Christmas Eve he should tell us all who he’s working for.

Now, what are the odds of one man and one internet site dodging the bullets and cyberattacks of the united Western world for 7 – seven – full years? And what might our «cableguy» Julian Assange be thinking these days, releasing just about a hundred cables a day out of a full two hundred and fifty-one thousand two hundred and eighty-seven cables? Why has no mainstream media outlet asked these questions, and why do they keep lying about the quarter million cables being already leaked, when they’re clearly not? The 837 cables are only 0.33% of the total, snail-pace, leak.


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