Hopp over navigasjon

My friend, Andrew McIntyre, puts it very well:

However, much of the massive change needed to address our climate bankruptcy can only come from new rules, laws and policies on a systemic level.

And I agree, totally. You simply have to outlaw driving, and taking weekend trips by air to remote leasure resorts.

It just won’t do. We cannot have that anymore. We have but one planet, and what you do is highly destructive.

Now, I’ve been living as if you had such laws in place for over 20 years. I don’t have a car, I fly 2 trips a decade by air. Look where it’s gotten me! I’m poor, they’re filthy rich. They should be behind bars for what they’ve done.

Behind bars. I’m not kidding.


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    • Drittlei
    • Posted 16. oktober 2009 at 19.58
    • Permalink

    I AGREE. Finally someone talking some sense.

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